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ARMWRESTLING CLUBSFind a AAF club near you

Welcome to the first phase of the club section which we will definitely be enhancing over the coming month with dedicated club pages, events, photos and club videos available. Please use the map to your right to locate the nearest club and click on the popup link which will take you down to our full listing of local armwrestling venues and the relevant contact information.

If you are after further information or just want to get in touch please visit our .

Area / Club Current Members Club Contact Phone Number
Melbourne 20-30 Brendan Downes  (admin©armwrestlingaustralia•com?subject=Contact Vic Armbenders)   0423885451
Sydney 20-30 Nick Tiliacos  (nick©armwrestlingaustralia•com?subject=Contact Sydney Armwrestling)   0438022311
Brisbane 8-12 Steve Carter  (kangarooted©gmail•com?subject=Contact Brisbane Armwrestling)   0412023886
Gold Coast 4-8 Ryan Phillips  (razza_22©hotmail•com?subject=Contact Gold Coast Armwrestling)   0432652139
Perth 25+ Murray McKay  (murray©armwrestlingaustralia•com?subject=Contact Perth Armwrestling)   0433164380
Darwin 4 Jamie Carle  (Cj•carle©gmail•com?subject=Contact Darwin Armwrestling)   0414254147
Adelaide 3-5 Lionel Warren  (lionelbw©gmail•com?subject=Contact Adelaide Armwrestling)   Coming Soon...