Author: Phil Rasmussen


A different kind of training

Just stumbled across a couple of great training videos Martins Lorencis put together using equipment you would find in any standard gym.

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Melbourne Training Montage

Quick video I put together with some of the training sessions in the Melbourne Armbenders club during 2010. Nothing like adding Unheilig or Rammstein to an armwrestling video to suddenly make it look far cooler than it really is 😛 Read more

Brendan Chinup Custom bar

Latest contraption from the garage of Brendan Downes is this awesome fat grip chin setup. After a few earlier safety issues with welds I think Brendan has nailed this one and it's not going anywhere judging by the size of that supporting beam. This chinup station is the perfect width to work on cupping strength with the 2.5" handles, and next few sessions we will move into some plates on the weight belt. Checkout the training video below:

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