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Australian / Local

November 14, 20137 years ago

Queensland Titles Results

If you were even in doubt that armwrestling in Australia is going from strength to strength then you clearly weren't at the 2013 Queensland Armwrestling Titles last weekend. Read more
September 22, 20138 years ago

Melbourne Armwrestling Cup

The night of the Melbourne Armwrestling Cup (held at the Imperial Hotel, Melbourne) saw arm wrestling elevated to nothing short of high art (in terms of sports). It could well have changed the long held conception of this sport in the bleary, alcohol hazed eyes of those who stumbled upon the action upstairs. Read more
August 14, 20138 years ago

Tassie Armwrestling Results

The AAF Tasmanian State Armwrestling Championships were held in conjunction with the CAPO 2013 Powerlifting titles at the Tasmanian Health & Fitness expo. Read more
July 14, 20138 years ago

West Australian Armwrestling Extravaganza

Murray Mckay had promised to all who threatened to attend the 2013 WA State Armwrestling Championships that he was going to put on an event that would raise the bar for state level competition in this country, and yet again he managed to deliver on this promise. Read more
July 2, 20138 years ago

Fox Footy legends test their strength

Fox Footy AFL legends Danny "Spud" Frawley and Jason "Chief" Dunstall popped around at the home of Melbourne armwrestling on a freezing Tuesday morning wanting to take on some of Australia's top armwrestlers and left with bruised egos and sore arms. Read more