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2015 Australian Team Announcement

The AAF is proud to announce not only the 2015 Australian Armwrestling Team, but the largest Australian team ever sent to the World Championships in the history of the sport!

The list of competitors below have been carefully selected to represent Australia at the 37th World Armwrestling Championships in Malaysia from September 25th 2015 - October 4th 2015. The competitors below have qualified firstly through placing in the top 2 of their weight/age class at the 2014 National Titles and secondly through their position in the Australian Rankings system. All decisions relating to the nomination of Australian Team members are final and at the discretion of The Australian Armwrestling Federation.


Competitor Name Weight Class / Arms
Jesse Johnson (Under 70kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Davide Deon (Under 70kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Grant Tolentino (Under 75kg LEFT & RIGHT)
John Bowley (Under 75kg LEFT)
Alfred Cauker (Under 75kg RIGHT)
Sam Saffuri (Under 80kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Ryan Bowen (Under 80kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Phil Rasmussen (Under 85kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Jamie Carle (Under 85kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Danny Tesch (Under 90kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Andrew Manfre (Under 90kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Adam Laura (Under 100kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Rory Magnabosco (Under 100kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Doug Fatafehi (Under 110kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Matthew Scott (Under 110kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Brett Coutts (Over 110kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Adam Stifanic (Over 110kg LEFT & RIGHT)


Competitor Name Weight Class / Arms
Sam Saffuri (Under 80kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Joe Hudec (Under 80kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Andrew Lea (Under 90kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Ryan Scott (Under 100kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Tom Ugljesa (Under 100kg LEFT & RIGHT)


Competitor Name Weight Class / Arms
Charlie Andrijich (Under 90kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Damien Mullen (Under 100kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Robert Fox (Under 100kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Murray McKay (Over 100kg RIGHT)


Competitor Name Weight Class / Arms
Wayne Bowen  (Under 90kg LEFT & RIGHT)


Competitor Name Weight Class / Arms
Furkan Uzun  (Under 75kg LEFT & RIGHT)
Andy Boznich (Under 90kg LEFT & RIGHT)



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