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Article by Jason Bishara

With the holiday season just past us, many of us have taken some time away from the table to be with our families and to indulge in the festivities.

But as any arm wrestler will tell you, one does not simply “take time off” from armwrestling. Armwrestling is infectious, and once it finds its way into your blood stream, even when you’re not arm wrestling, you are. Once upon a time it was enough to just bring the groceries in from the car. Now, it seems, there exists a small window of opportunity for a walking static hold.

While rest and rehabilitation have their place in any sport, there are some simple ways to take some time away from the table and still get your fix. For example, some simple well placed objects around the house can make off the table training at home easy, transportable, and an integrated aspect of your daily life.

Here are three simple objects that should be a staple in any arm wrestlers home.


Door way chin up bar

Chin ups have always been an important exercise for armwreslting, but they are often neglected. By having an easily accessible bar close by, they become difficult to ignore. A simple routine of 10 pull ups and some isometric holds every day will take only a few minutes and is going to add a lot to your game.


arwrestling bands

Bands are arguably one of the most versatile weapons in the armwrestling arsenal, and can be set up for an enormous variety of exercises and resistance training. In addition, tied to something with a solid foundation, like a column right in your kitchen, you can train and cook at the same time. Booyah!


armwrestling grippers

Grippers are a fun and easy way to develop strong hands, a key component of armwrestling. Captains of crush grippers are some of the most well-known types out there, and have a range of grippers that suit any level. And if anyone can close a number 4, you will be among a handful of individuals who have done so in history. So get out there, and start gripping!



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