April 8, 2014 Posted by Armwrestling Australia in Australian / Local

AAF Anti-Doping Policy

The AAF would like to announce to all competitors and members that the second half of 2014 will see the adoption of the AAF Anti Doping Policy. The AAF believes strongly that providing a true, fair sport, free from artificial advantages is crucial to the sports growth.

Measures will be in place from July 1st to test for any WADA Prohibited Substances. The AAF is currently working with ASADA to get final approval, once this is achieved the policy will be released to all members and competitors becoming part of the waiver for participation at any AAF sanctioned event

The policy has provisions for random and targeted testing in and out of competition. We have provided a link below to the WADA Prohibited List.

Visit WADA 2014 List
Download 2014 Prohibited List
For further enquiries:
Phil Rasmussen
AAF President
Andrew Lea
AAF Treasurer



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