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AAF Committee Changes

2014 has been an exciting year for the AAF and with our expanding presence and momentum comes additional workload and responsibilities. While we say goodbye to our former WA Director Murray McKay, we also welcome some fresh faces to the committee in the form of Andrew Manfre, Duan Beckett and Ryan Scott.

Andrew ManfreAAF General Secretary

Certainly one of the most important positions within the AAF and one that exists mostly behind the scenes, is the position of General Secretary. Andrew Manfre has taken on this position on and hit the ground running with an impressive start to his tenure liasing with ASADA and establishing the first AAF Anti-Doping policy which we will be implementing later this year. Andrew's focus for 2014 will be on Anti-Doping, Sport Accord recognition, and helping maintain the AAF membership database and communications. We welcome Andrew on board and wish him the best of luck in his role.

Duan BeckettAAF Technical Director

Midway through 2013 Duan Beckett introduced us to his brilliant armwrestling rankings website and within 12 months it has not only become the primary rankings and scoring system used by the AAF, but Devon Larratt himself was so impressed he became a champion of the system in his home country of Canada. Duan has become a vital part of the AAF's online presence and will be responsible for continued development and maintenance of the rankings system, scoring procedures, and to assist Phil with the AAF website.

Ryan ScottWA State Director

Ryan is well known in the WA scene since the very first WA State Titles in 2012 where we were first introduced to his immense hit and side pressure. After organising 2 successful Bunbury Competitions over the last 2 years and tirelessly travelling to competitions in each corner of Australia, it was a unanimous decision that Ryan Scott was the best suited to take over the WA Director reigns from Murray McKay. Ryan is well respected by his peers and his dedication to the sport here in Australia cannot be questioned so we wish Ryan the best of luck in his new role.

After an 18 month tenure as the WA State Director and hosting 2 hugely successful state championships, Murray McKay is stepping down from his position to focus on his own training and to address his recent health scares. We wish Murray all the best with his personal endeavours and look forward to seeing him back on the table again soon!



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