March 8, 2019 Posted by Jason Bishara in Australian / Local, International

Arnold Sports Festival Australia 2019

The Arnold Sports Festival is always a big event for Australian armwrestling. The mecca of strength sports, Arnolds presents an opportunity to showcase the best talent in the country as athletes from around the world come to compete at the international level across a multitude of strength disciplines including bodybuilding, strongman, powerlifting, and of course - armwrestling. The Arnold Sports Festival always brings big names and big attention to the growing sport of armwrestling, and with the return of superstar Devon Larratt and a confirmed visit from the man himself Arnold Schwarzenegger, this year is going to be bigger than ever! 

In front of a packed Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, athletes from Australia, New Zealand, India, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Japan compete in what is arguably the most prestigious international armwrestling event on Australian soil. It’s a fully packed weekend of armwrestling for all competitors and spectators, with the men's main draw kicking things off on Saturday (March 16th) with the 95kg, 85kg, and 75kg weight classes. Sunday the 17th will open with the men's 95kg+ and finish with the women's 65kg and 65kg+ classes. Super matches will be happening throughout both days, with Saturday holding two incredible super matches as two of the best heavyweights in Australia, Ryan Scott, and Lachlan Adair, take on none other than Devon Larratt!

The return of Devon Larratt this year is a huge cause for celebration. Not only is he competing against the best in Australia at Arnolds, but as is usual custom for the Canadian giant his stay will also include a tour of armwrestling clubs across the country as he gives seminars and runs training camps. If you want to come learn and train with Devon across one of his seminars, make sure you get tickets early because spaces will be limited. Devon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience wherever he goes and his seminars are always a great opportunity for the armwrestling community to learn and grow.

And last but certainly not least, this year Arnolds will herald another visit from the one and only Arnie himself! Arnold is considered royalty across many strength sports and disciplines (armwrestling included) and has been an inspiration for many athletes worldwide.

It will be with great pleasure and admiration that we welcome him to the booth once again and give him another glimpse into the world of armwrestling, showcasing for him the potential and talent this sport has to offer and to cement its place alongside some of the most exciting and established strength sports and disciplines in the world today.



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