Australia vs Malaysia Supermatch Showdown

After initial discussions and much excitement the first official supermatches between the best of Australia and the best of Malaysia were scheduled to take place in Kuala Lumpur on June 8th 2013 at the Vivatel Hotel.

Zil Fadli the President of Armwrestling in Malaysia, invited 3 of the best Australian armwrestlers in their respective weight divisions to take part in a series of supermatches against the very best in Malaysia and Singapore. The brand new Vivatel Hotel was the chosen location with accommodation included for those Aussies that would accept the challenge and fly to KL, and on June 8th 2013 Nick Tiliacos, Phil Rasmussen, and Jesse Johnson all embarked on what was to be the most exciting and challenging experience in their armwrestling careers to date. Listed below are all the matches as they happened on the night and we can't think Zil enough for putting on such a professional and well organised event!

Nick Tiliacos (AUS) vs Sergey Kardash (RUS) - LEFT HAND

Phil Rasmussen (AUS) vs Richard Eyan (MAL) - RIGHT HAND

Joeffry Johnson (MAL) vs Jesse Johnson (AUS)

Sergey Kardash (RUS) vs Nick Tiliacos (AUS)- RIGHT HAND

Melvyn Loh (SIN) vs Jesse Johnson (AUS)- LEFT HAND

Sergey Kardash (RUS) vs Phil Rasmussen (AUS) - LEFT HAND

Lee Thiam Siew (MAL) vs Nick Tiliacos (AUS)



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