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Bankstown Competition Easter 2012

Good Friday, April 6 2012 and the scene was set for the latest Sydney Armwrestling competition held in conjunction with the biggest one day motor cycle show in Australia at the Bankstown Paceway.

While the competition was a smaller affair compared to the previous Sydney Championships, seasoned competitors still travelled over 8hrs by car from around the country for the chance at taking home a medal and the cash prize. Weight classes were set at Under 90kg and Over 90kg and the while the heavyweight division had a clear favourite in Nick Tiliacos, the under 90s would be a hotly contested event.

It was obvious from the get go that the crowd was pretty intrigued as there was a lot of technique and speed in the matches. Clearly the guys competing knew more than your average joe about armwrestling!

As the finals came up the crowd was getting pumped with anticipation for the two best in each category to verse each other for overall class winner. In the finals for Under 90kg it was 72kg Jesse 'armbreaker' Johnson from Melbourne vs 87 kg Tommy Zakaidze a Georgian armwrestler who had never lost before. Each competitor had been undefeated for the entire day and the intensity and tension from each was obvious to all present. Locking in tight and hooking deep Jesse was able to open him up to pin him two matches in a row to take out the under 90kg title back to Melbourne and a nice cash prize for his troubles.

In the heavyweight division Nick Tiliacos and Brendan fought for the title. Brendan was quick off the mark hammering a strong shoulder press into Nick but Tiliacos soaked it up and bought him down winning in a hook, displaying both raw power and table experience.

Overall Results (right hand)

Under 90kg Over 90kg
1. Jesse Johnson 1. Nicholas Tiliacos
2. Tommy Zakaidze 2. Brendan

Under 90kg Final Match



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