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Don't let skin cancer have the upper hand

Press release 1.11.2021

Australia’s armwrestling champions partner with National Skin Cancer Centres in the fight against skin cancer

The champions of the Australian Armwrestling Federation, a male-dominated sport, are on a mission to raise awareness about skin cancer ahead of National Skin Cancer Action Week and Movember.

Over 250,000 Australian men are diagnosed with skin cancer every year – twice as many as women – and research shows that men are less likely to see a doctor about their health concerns.

National Skin Cancer Centres

A recent online survey of Aussie men conducted by National Skin Cancer Centres found that 79 per cent of respondents haven’t had their skin checked this year. This can lead to late diagnoses and deadlier outcomes.

“You think, ‘I’ll be fine. I’ve never had anything wrong. Why would something happen to me now?’” says Phil Rasmussen, President of the Australian Armwrestling Federation. “My advice to my friends and colleagues is, if you spend a lot of time in the sun or work in the sun, go in and get checked.”

Phil’s colleagues at the Federation hold similar sentiments, sharing their stories of family and friends being diagnosed and treated for skin cancer – a disease diagnosed in one Australian every minute.

“The National Skin Cancer Action Week from 15-21 November 2021 is a good reminder for Australians to take action around their skin health, especially for people at high-risk of skin cancer, such as men,” says Professor David Wilkinson, Chief Medical Officer of National Skin Cancer Centres.

“Especially heading into summer, it’s important to take all the appropriate steps from prevention to detection. Closing the loop is important to us.”

Over 14,600 skin cancers have been diagnosed by the doctors at National Skin Cancer Centres this year alone across Australia. Select locations manage high-risk patients with total body photography for the earliest skin cancer detection when treatment is most successful.

“Many Australians underestimate their risk of skin cancer, including potentially deadly melanoma. The earlier we detect skin cancer, the higher the chances of successful treatment,” says Prof Wilkinson.

The video featuring Armwrestling Australia’s skin cancer stories can be found here.


National Skin Cancer Centres provides prompt and effective access to skin cancer screening, skin imaging, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer and related skin conditions all under one roof. Combining unparalleled expertise and innovative total body photography technology to evaluate patients’ skin health from head to toe, the centres present a “one-stop shop” for patients and a referral centre to local GPs.


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