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Historical day for armwrestling at SportAccord Assembly 2018

Bangkok. 20th April 2018, GAISF General Assembly

Congratulations to Assen, Mirceau and the World Armwrestling Federation for their perseverance in championing the sport of Armwrestling and achieving a unanimous vote for full GAISF membership status at the recent SportAccord convention in Bangkok.

After joining the Observer programme in October 2017, WAF now becomes the first international federation to progress from Observer status to Full Member, a huge step forward in achieving IOC recognition and for legitimising the sport of Armwrestling in Australia.

WAF Announcement at SportAccord 2018

Who are GAISF?

GAISF’s vision is to present a united voice of sport in support of the Olympic ideals and of the Olympic movement and promote sport at every level and in every corner of the world, from grassroots to elite, wherever its members have national organizations and events.

The Mission of GAISF has remained the same since its inception, that is to serve and represent the common interests of all International Federations and coordinate the efforts of all those that aspire to become IOC recognized and, eventually, wish to enter the Olympic Program.

From left: WAF General Secretary Mircea Simionescu-Simicel, GAISF President Patrick Baumann, WAF President Assen Hadjitodorov

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