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Nationals 2014 is almost upon us

Article by Jason Bishara
We all know the scene. You’re in a dingy smoke filled bar somewhere sinking down a few beers when one of your mates, usually the loudest one, starts an argument. Rather than resort to violence, you decide to settle the disagreement like true gentlemen. He props up his elbow on the nearest table and initiates the challenge by offering you his open hand. You accept by putting down your beer and gripping up with him. The rest of your mates and a few other inquisitive patrons gather round as you eye each other off through the smoky haze. Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a good old fashioned arm wrestle!

Nationals 2015

For many of us, this scenario encompasses all that arm wrestling is, a simple means of settling scores and testing your might against friends. However, it might surprise you to know that arm wrestling has come a long way in recent years, and is slowly evolving and developing into a rich and colourful fully fledged sport, complete with stages, large audiences, referees, and titles to be won at both state and national levels.

The Australian Armwrestling Federation have worked extremely hard over the last few years to get arm wrestling off the ground in Australia, and are well on their way to seeing arm wrestling recognised as an official sport. And thanks to the collective efforts of those in other countries, demands for arm wrestling to be included in the Olympics could soon prove to be a reality. Of course, these are all possibilities for the near and distant future.

What is certain is that on November 15, 2014, the fourth annual Australian National Armwrestling Championship will be held at Conrad Jupiter’s on the Gold Coast, QLD.

What is certain is that on November 15, 2014, the fourth annual Australian National Armwrestling Championship will be held at Conrad Jupiter’s on the Gold Coast, QLD.

The competition will include both left and right hand divisions, as well as weight classes divided into 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 100kg, and over 100kg categories. Competitors in each division will have the opportunity to win trophies and the declaration rights to call themselves Australia’s best arm wrestler, as well as some other great prizes including $500 in cash. In addition, the top 2 competitors of each weight division will qualify to represent Australia at the world championships next year.

Nationals 2014
If you think you’ve got what it takes, or you know someone who does, the nationals is a great opportunity for individuals to make a name for themselves in this ever growing and exciting new sport. Be warned though, you will come up against some tough opposition. Arm wrestling in Australia might be young, but it’s already proving to house a plethora of natural and fierce talent. Earlier this year two of our best, Guntars Baikovs from South Australia, and Brett Coutts from Victoria, flew to Vilnius, Lithuania to represent Australia at the world arm wrestling Championship. Guntars found himself on the podium with a silver medal in the super heavyweight masters division, and Brett walked away placing 8th in the world in the 90kg men’s senior division. Not bad for a guy who only started arm wrestling a few years ago. For more information on how to sign up and other upcoming events, check out the official website:, or find and join the official Facebook page and get involved.



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