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Sydney Armwrestling Competition Results

27 competitors registered and approximately 100 spectators filling the balcony at The Three Swallows Hotel Bankstown, all that was left to do was to get the action started.

With Jason Deng on the mic going through the rules and regulations, competitors were starting to get their game faces on. First up was the under 85kg – Right, with an unexpected and unassuming competitor in Amir Singh (armwrestled in India for 3 years in the 55kg class), going up against Jessie Johnson in the semis, Amir with his speed and amazing hook strength took the fight to go onto the finals and leaving Jessie to prove himself against Edward Saffuri. The Battle for third ended with Edward progressing to the finals to fight it out for first with Amir. The final started once elbows touched the table with the fight for grip position taking almost one minute. Once the ref was happy with the grip the ”Go” was given and Amir jumped with everything he had leaving Edward to play catch up, in the end Amir won the bout with a hook and drag technique and a reaction time that caught Edward off guard.

The left arm under 85kg class was an interesting turn out with Edward Saffuri, Jessie Johnston and Martins Lorencis (4 time Latvian Champ) ending up battling it out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd position. Jessie came in third position losing to Martins with his technique and experience. The final match with Edward and Martins was bound to be an interesting one but with Edward all fired up and Martins giving too much away with the grip, Edward took 1st position with raw power and great speed.

Right Hand Results

Under 85kg 85kg - 95kg 95kg + OVERALLS
1. Amir Singh 1. Brett Coutts 1. Nicholas Tiliacos 1. Nicholas Tiliacos
2. Edward Saffuri 2. Joe Zrno 2. Martins Lorencis 2. Amir Singh
3. Jessie Johnson 3. Slavko 3. Salem El-Marzouq 3. Brett Coutts

Left Hand Results

Under 85kg 85kg - 95kg 95kg + OVERALLS
1. Edward Saffuri 1. Sultan Saffoury 1. n/a 1. Sultan Saffoury
2. Martin Lorencis 2. Mohammad 2. n/a 2. Edward Saffuri
3. Jessie Johnson 3. Brett Coutts 3. n/a 3. n/a

The Right arm 85-95kg class having the most entrants was going to be action packed with a number of seasoned competitors, Slavco, Joe Zrno, Brett Coutts and Richard Aplin. The rounds went by hard and fast with Slavco, Brett, Joe and newcomer Mohammed making it to the semi final. Slavco went down to Brett in what was a great battle of technique VS strength and endurance with the actual Armwrestle lasting just over 20 seconds. Mohammed went down to Joe in what was a great effort from the new comer. With everything leading up to what turned out to be the highlight battle of the event between Brett Coutts and Joe Zrno it was on. The crowed was roaring, people where chanting and the competitors sizing each other up, everyone knew this was going to be a big one. They took grip, the ref called that special word and the crowd lit up. Joe took Brett down to within an inch off the pin line and all looked lost for Brett until that amazing strength and endurance kicked in and stopped the power of Joe from going any further, the crowd stood up and the come back began, the battle ended in a press from Brett taking Joe to the table in an awesome display of raw strength lasting over half a minute but would have seemed a lifetime for the two competitors and almost as long for the spectators.

Left arm 85-95 kg class didn’t have all the competitors form the right arm draw but ended with Chris “Sultan” Saffoury going up against the new comer Mohammed. After Sultan taking on Brett Coutts in a match that stared with a fault start. Sultan was ready to take home 1st and Mohammed was ready to give it a go. Sultan took the match with quick reaction and a good top roll. Mohammed is now ready to start training for a re-match.

In the final weight category, the 95kg +, we had two new comers and Martin Lorencis from the light weights wanting to give it a crack. The two new comers John Bruno and Salem Al-Marzouq went up head to head in a battle ending with an elbow foul from John, progressing Salem to go up against Nick Tiliacos. Nick VS Salem ended with a top roll that the new comer had no answer too, leaving Martin Lorencis to fight it out with Nick. Martin VS Nick started with a handshake of respect and then both sets of eyes glazed over. Grip was taken, Nick had his right leg braced up on the opposite leg of the table and literally kicked all the way to the pin line coming out on top.

In the open class the competitors that came 1st from each weight categories battle it out for the overall winner. As there was no competitor from the Left arm 95kg + class it was up to the brothers Sultan and Edward Saffuri to take home the title, Sultan took first place in a match that took two attempts. The open class right arm ended with Brett Coutts pulling out with a niggling injury leaving Nick to verse Amir. The final match started with an elbow foul from Amir and ended with the amazing speed and strength from the 70kg Amir Singh catching the current Australian heavy weight champ, Nick Tiliacos at 110kgs. Amir was able to get Nick half way to the pin and then Nick switched on pulling Amir’s elbow off the table causing him to elbow foul a second time.

After the competition was out of the way it was time to relax and learn as much as possible from the other competitors and have a go with anyone willing. With Sam Saffuri at the event referring and not participating, the Worlds competitor was stinging to grip up and so he did. Armwrestlers hung around for an extra 2-3 hours learning what they can from who they can.

The event at The Three Swallows Hotel was a great success and we are looking forward o the next comp to be held in March 2012 at The Colonial Hotel in Warrington, NSW.



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