February 10, 2019 Posted by Jason Bishara in Australian / Local, International


With his recent visit to Australia over, the Australian Armwrestling Federation can now add Janis Amolins to its growing list of international superstars to make the trip down under.

The dust has barely settled since his return home and many pullers across the country are still busy absorbing and integrating the wealth of knowledge and experience Janis shared with us during his time here. Janis is among one of the top pound for pound pullers on the planet with a plethora of world titles and arm wrestling accolades to his name.

With nearly two decades of experience in the sport of arm wrestling, Janis’s skills and experience were evident early on as he pulled his way through some of the best pullers across the country, displaying an extremely high level of skill, strength, and knowledge across many aspects of armwrestling. Over the course of his stay, Janis shared with us training tips, techniques, and experience, as well as an in-depth study of the of the bio-mechanical aspects of the sport (something his experience as a physiotherapist no doubt helps).

In addition to sharing his experience and knowledge over the course of several masterclasses and seminars, Janis was also kind enough to acknowledge the rapid growth and development of the Australian armwrestling scene, noting improvements and growth across the board, while also sharing some insights into how we can improve and keep our athletes healthy.

It was an honour to have Janis come and train and share his experience with us. We will no doubt be seeing him again in the near future.

Janis joins a long list of armwrestling icons and legends to have visited the country including the likes of Devon Larratt, John Brezenk, Ron Bath, Matt mask, and Justin Bishop.

Who will be next?

Stay tuned to find out.



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